Drug Testing

Policy development, implementation and managing.  At DDS, we only use the highest forensic quality drug testing.   MORE

Background Check

DDS is a leading provider of background check  solutions. We deliver valuable insights for better decisions and peace of mind. MORE

Criminal and Civil

DDS, Experts in Criminal and Civil Searches. Searches can be done on either the National Level or at the District Level. MORE

I-9 Compliance

DDS is a federally-approved Designated Agent of the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.  MORE





At no time has it been more important to make the right hiring decision. With employee turnover, internal theft, and substance abuse at an all time high (not to mention negligent hiring lawsuits), it becomes more important to make every effort to protect your business as well as maintaining productivity and profitability.
Since 1979, Daniel D. Stevens, Inc. / Employee Screening Services has continued to expand its knowledge and expertise in the employee screening field. Our efforts have afforded us the opportunity to offer a quality of service and support which is unsurpassed in the industry.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive, cost effective and technologically advanced means to make well informed fact based hiring decisions.

We will assist you in fine tuning an employee selection program which expresses the individuality of your organization and responds to its specific needs and demands.

The wide variety of services we offer can enhance your existing program and further your efforts toward an honest, productive, and drug-free workplace.

Please feel free to navigate through our web site, formulate any questions you may have, and email or call us "live" for answers. Hopefully those answers will help you make a quality decision on the company you entrust with your employee screening needs.

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