Drug Testing

Policy development, implementation and managing.  At DDS, we only use the highest forensic quality drug testing.   MORE

Background Check

DDS is a leading provider of background check  solutions. We deliver valuable insights for better decisions and peace of mind. MORE

Criminal and Civil

DDS, Experts in Criminal and Civil Searches. Searches can be done on either the National Level or at the District Level. MORE

I-9 Compliance

DDS is a federally-approved Designated Agent of the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.  MORE




Social Security Trace

This information is Formulated from a combination of various sources including Credit Bureau information, Utility Company, Postal Service and other public information entities. (excluding the social security administration) to establish association between the input name and social security number. It also identifies current and prior addresses as well as other names associated with the input social security number. This can be a good guide as to where to conduct a criminal record search. 

**There are instances where a “NO Match” can be reported. Some examples are as follows: Subject has not established Credit, Accountability for any Residence, Utilities or other Debt under their Name and Social Security Number.**
This is not an FCRA product and should not be used to take Adverse Action. 

Employment Verification

Since employment history and experience are often overstated and sometimes fictitious, you'll want to verify prior employment. This is extremely important when experience is essential for an applicant you are considering to hire.

Verification for previous positions held, length of employment, work habits, and other relevant information about the applicant's performance. 

Professional License Verification

Professional License Verification is very important to verify the credentials of a new hire. This search will verify license type, length of license, expiration, and if the license is in good standing or if disciplinary action was taken.

Education Verification

Education verification is vital when education is a requirement for a particular position. In times where applicants overstate, exaggerate or falsify there education history. This verification will check start date, degrees, fields studied, graduation date and any credentials one might have stated on there résumé. 

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation records can be vital to ensure your company's safety by hiring employees with good safety records. This search will help identify applicants that may pose a safety threat to your company as well as the safety of your employees. Reports include date of accident, case number, type of injury, how injury incurred, how long employee was out. This search is only in certain states.
State Availability List: UPDATED ON 11/17/2006

ALABAMA Not Available
ALASKA Available
ARIZONA Available 1-2 weeks turnaround
ARKANSAS Available - Surcharge $5.00
CALIFORNIA Available 1 week turnaround
COLORADO Available –Specific Notarized Release. Mailed $1.00
CONNECTICUT Available – Generic Release
DELAWARE Not Available
FLORIDA Available
GEORGIA Not Available
HAWAII Not Available
IDAHO Available –Specific Release2-3 days turnaround
ILLINOIS Available
INDIANA Not Available
IOWA Available
KANSAS Available
KENTUCKY Available 1 week turnaround
LOUISIANA Not Available
MAINE Not Available
MARYLAND Available
MASSACHUSETTS Available - Surcharge $5.00
MICHIGAN Not Available
MINNESOTA Available – Generic Release
MISSOURI Available – Surcharge $5Specific Notarized Release 15 days T/A
MONTANA Available – Generic Release
NEBRASKA Available
NEVADA Not Available
NEW HAMPSHIRE Available – Generic Release 1-2 weeks
NEW JERSEY Not Available
NEW MEXICO Available
NEW YORK Not Available
OHIO Available
OKLAHOMA Available
OREGON Not Available
PENNSYLVANIA Available 2-3 weeks turnaround
RHODE ISLAND Not Available
SOUTH DAKOTA Available – Generic Release - $20.00 Surcharge
TENNESSEE Available - Surcharge $10.00
TEXAS Not Available
UTAH Available–Specific Notarized Release–Surcharge $15.00
VERMONT Available – Generic Release 24-48 hrs. turnaround
VIRGINIA Available – Generic Notarized Release.
WASHINGTON Not Available
WISCONSIN Not Available
WYOMING Not Available