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Dear Student, 

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) now requires all healthcare students to have their identity verified and a criminal history search conducted prior to being allowed to participate in any cooperative educational program. In order to facilitate these requirements your educational institution has engaged DDS to provide the necessary services. 

A Social Security Trace and Criminal Record History search will be processed on your behalf. Your Social Security Trace will dictate what locations & or jurisdictions are searched. The searches will reflect any criminal record history over the past seven (7) years (if applicable). There is a flat fee of $50 for this service. There is a $60 additional charge only if we must conduct a criminal record history search within New York State. 


Click on Authorization Form tab to begin the process. 
Fill out form completely and click next to enter your Credit Card information.


The charges on your credit card will reflect the name Daniel D. Stevens, Inc. The approximate turnaround time to complete the investigation is three (3) business days. Although we are approved by your school, you are our client. You are entitled to: 

Our best service
Our support
A copy of your profile at no additional cost 
Indefinite profile storage
Additional information to be provided on how to correct discrepancies.

If you discover a discrepancy in a criminal history report, you may contact DDS at (800) 647-7999 for clarification and or verification of that information. 

If a discrepancy is found in your Social Security Trace, you can click on the corresponding tab for recommendations on how to resolve those discrepancies. 

To help ensure patient, student and employee safety, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has required students, volunteers and perspective employees of participating medical facilities to undergo a background check prior to being accepted into a program at that facility. This JCAHO requirement has been in effect since January 2004.

The standard Due Diligence process for most medical related agencies and boards require a much broader and in depth background check prior to licensing and or employment. Most employers have adopted similar due diligence standards whether they are required to or not. 

The Program:
As DDS represents multiple medical and educational facilities, we understand the many issues involved. A healthcare student usually participates in programs in more than one facility. Since each facility must require proof of a current background, DDS will act as the information repository on the students’ behalf. All results are available for review by the authorized administrator of the educational facility. This process assures the security of personal information.

DDS accepts payment from the student. Students may pay by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. A signed release is required in all cases, which is provided by DDS. The payment must be authorized prior to the transmission of the background request. 

The Background:
A Social Security Trace will provide validation that your Social Security Number (SSN) corresponds to your name. The report will also indicate any other names that are associated with that SSN and provide information as to the State and year of issuance along with present & past residences. This trace will act as a guide to determine the location(s) to conduct the Criminal Background search. 

Benefits: DDS examines the trace report for accuracy of identity and any other name(s) associated with your SSN. If discrepancies are found on a Social Security Trace, those discrepancies are noted on the report. There will also be information for the relevant agencies that we recommend you to contact to help ensure that your identity was not compromised or stolen. These measures can be crucial in protecting your identity and your credit file.

Your participation in this program will also benefit you as it will confirm your eligibility to pursue the education required for future employment in the field of your choice, and help ensure that you can study and work in a safe environment. 

Criminal History Records:
As indicated above, the location of the Criminal History Record searches are determined by the residences (even if temporary) lived in over the past 7 years (if applicable). These searches can be conducted on a County or Statewide basis depending on the record availability of the State searched. Supplied Criminal Records will not include juvenile convictions or convictions that were sealed by the court housing the record. 
If there is a record found, DDS will attempt to verify the accuracy of the record prior to entering the information for final review by the educational institution. 

Record Dispute: 
If the student disputes the record found, they may contact DDS at (800) 647-7999, where we will make further attempts to verify the accuracy of the record, or can advise the student as to the proper course of action to take. If it is found that the record does not belong to the student, the final report will be revised for review by the educational institution.

It is always advisable that in the event a student has a criminal conviction they may wish to prepare a statement explaining the circumstances leading up to the incident. The existence of a criminal conviction is not on its own the sole reason for denial of acceptance into a program or licensure by the ultimate authority.

Impact of a Criminal Record for the Student
Licensing authorities make the final decision on applicant eligibility for licensing.
Medical Facilities determine who is accepted or denied in participating in the programs at their locations based in part on the background results.
Educational Institutions do not make these decisions, as it is not within their authority.
DDS has no part in the decision making process. 

If there is a criminal record found, the licensing agencies, medical facility, and eventually an employer may have acceptance parameters. Those parameters may be reviewed and each applicant’s circumstances may be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine final eligibility. Consideration may be taken regarding circumstances surrounding a criminal conviction such as:
  • The applicant’s age at the time of the crime.
  • Circumstances or events leading up to the crime.
  • How long ago the crime occurred.
  • The ability for rehabilitation to occur since the crime.
  • The type of crime, and the impact on current job performance.
  • Is there any relationship between the job requirements and the crime?
  • In order to help applicants (students) assess their own qualifications the following is offered only as a practical guide.

In most cases minor crimes which occurred long ago (7 yrs. or more) have little or no impact.

In many cases minor crimes, even within the last several years have little effect if they are not relative to the job performance or work related. 

In most cases if you are found to be untruthful, the results are usually denial or termination. Even state and federal civil service rules are explicitly allowing for termination or denial of employment when any applicant attempts to defraud the system.

Crimes of violence (assault, kidnap, murder, weapons) stalking, sexual crimes (rape, child pornography, sex offenders and predators), sale or manufacture of drugs most often will have a negative impact on acceptance to a program or employment in the medical field.

Repeat offenders of crimes (especially crimes of violence or theft) can be viewed as problematic with a propensity to commit future crimes based on their past history.

If you have an existing criminal conviction within the past 7 years, it would be in your best interest to prepare a statement detailing the jurisdiction of the crime (state, county, city), arrest date, case number, charge, disposition date and disposition. This information can be volunteered to the administration personnel in conjunction with your application as a student program attendee or employee prior to a criminal background investigation being conducted.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding JCAHO Compliance:

What will I be charged for this service?
- We have issued special pricing for this program. Your credit card will be charged a flat $50 fee for all services being processed, except if we need to process a Criminal Record Search in New York. That will be an additional $60.

Will my prior arrest, criminal history, conviction, etc. show up?
- We do not know what arrests, convictions, etc. will show up until the searches have been run.

How long does the search take?
- The search will take about three days to complete. 

What crimes/convictions/arrests will keep me out of the program?
- The medical facilities will determine which students they will accept or deny.

Who will have access to/see my report? My credit card number? My SS Number?
- DDS will have access to all three indicated above. The school and the medical facility will have access to the reports, which will contain your SS Number.

When/How will the school receive my report?
- The school program administrator will have access to our secure on-line system where they can view your report as soon as it is completed. 

What do I do if an arrest/conviction shows up on my report and it is not me?
- DDS is available to help rectify any dispute regarding discrepancies in your criminal history by calling (800) 647-7999. 

What do I do if an address that isn’t mine shows up on my Social Security Trace?
- You may download a form from the web site listed above that will direct you on how to correct any discrepancies found in your Social Security Trace.

What if I had a PO Box in another state but never lived there?
- A criminal record search will be run in each jurisdiction that appears on your SSN Trace for the past 7 years even if it was not your official or permanent residence. 
Your Rights Regarding Your Social Security Number
What do you do when someone else's name appears under your Social Security Number?
  • Verify the SSN in question was entered correctly
  • Match the SSN to the Social Security Card

If the above steps were taken and there still is a discrepancy, than you should:

  • Contact all three major credit bureaus listed below to notify them of the error.

* You are entitled to run your credit report once a year for free from each of the 3 bureaus.
- Experian: www.experian.com, 888-397-3742
- Trans Union: www.transunion.com, 800-680-7289
- Equifax: www.equifax.com, 800-685-1111

  • Once you have done that you may also contact the Social Security Administration

- www.ssa.gov or 800-772-1213 

- You can also check your earnings record by calling the 800 number and asking for a Form SSA-7004, Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement. The Statement will show the earnings reported to your Social Security number each year since 1951. If the information on your earnings record is incorrect, they will help correct it. Also, you may download the form or make your request online. 

You can make an online request at this site:

You may download Form SSA-7004 from this site: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/online/ssa-7004.html

  • This site can also provide information on your rights and other legal matters.

www.FTC.gov (The Federal Trade Commission) 

Taking these steps can prevent Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft, and simply avoid confusion in the future.

What to Do When a Criminal Record is Discovered in Your Background Search: 

1. If it is your record -
A. Make sure all the details and findings are correct, if not contact the authority or jurisdiction to correct any possible errors.

B. Criminal records are not automatically a reason for denied eligibility. However, if you are aware of a criminal conviction, it is important to have all the facts and circumstances of the case prepared to present to the student program administrator prior to your criminal background being conducted.

2. If you dispute the record-

A. Contact DDS at (800) 647-7999. Please have a copy of your report with you for verification. If the information provided to DDS is insufficient to change the results after a re-investigation, you may have to do the following: 

B. You may have to visit the reporting authority, agency, or court for accuracy or any discrepancies within the actual court record. If you do visit the agency:

1. Bring two forms of pictured identification
2. If the reporting agency finds that there was a mistake of identity, they can issue you an official document indicating so. That official documentation can be forwarded to DDS, who will then amend the report and communicate that amendment with the school program administrator.
3. Confirm your eligibility with the medical facility that you will be involved with.

C. You may contact an attorney to assist your efforts.